People watching fun.

In search of ammusement? Try the card isle at Walmart on the day before Mothers Day.

Walmart is not my favorite place to hang out. I prefer to make my once-a-month shopping visits at about 2 in the morning because there is nobody in the way and the re-stocking crew knows exactly where everything is. Due to circumstances beond my control (getting a jeep worked on at a neighboring dealership, I had to had to hang out there for a while yesterday afternoon.

Since Mothers Day is tomorrow I decided that I should look for a card for my mom. A walk by the card isle quickly made me decide that it was too crowded and I should come back later. Two subsequent walk-bys made me think I might not get a chance to pick out a card at all. Upon my fourth visit I hung around long enough to realize that I was missing out on some great people watching.

There isn’t much funnier than watching guys trying desperatly to find a card for their moms. Enter some woman on the scene and one of them will get up enough spunk to ask for suggestions, and I had to move to the next isle so people wouldn’t notice me laughing.

My own search was not very fruitfull. In the end I decided to make one myself becaues the only ones availible seemed to be for people who couldn’t actually think of anything nice to say.


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