An afternoon out of the office got me front row seats for an avalance and later, stuck in a snow bank

I took one of our rental Jeeps out today for a pre-season trail inspection. I was eager to get out of the office and decided that playing in the snow in a jeep was just the ticket. Of course none of the jeep roads are open for more than a mile or two yet, but it was fun to check.

Having gotten as far up CampBirdRoad as snow would allow, I was sitting in the Jeep talking to my friend when we heard a rumble very much like distant thunder, only instead of dieing off it grew lower. A quick inspection showed a large slide comming off the face of I forget it’s name but here’s a map. The crashing sound of falling rock and snow lasted about ten or twelve seconds and snow was still sliding around half a minute later.

Another exploration up DexterCreek lead got me stuck in the snow. I followed some snow-mobile tracks in for about a quarter mile, which was fine except I fell off them backing out and had to dig out for twenty minutes or so.

All round, a very succesful first-jeep-day for 2005.


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