Who can I blame?

In which I rant about bloated software from microsoft and adobe.

This is for all of my friends who still wonder why I insist on running linux.

One. When I select a preference, it stays that way. My computer does not decide that I made a bad choice and put an old preference back. From my windows land exposure, I do not think I could tell you how many times I have right clicked on the taskbar, gone to the toolbar menu and unchecked the language bar, only to have it come back the next time I logged on. There is a way to permanently remove the language bar but who writes this kind of software anyhow?

Two. When I take an image from my digital camera, open it in the gimp, add a couple of layers and filters, and save as an xcf file, the result is large, but not unbearably so. The same operation in photoshp results in a psd file over ten times as large. Who writes this software?