Sanity check

Have you ever doubted that you were in your right mind?

I washed dishes this afternoon. While scrubbing away I was going through a mental list of what had to be done by tomorrow. Then I realized that I was taking clean dishes out of the cupboard, ‘drying’ them, and putting them in the dish rack.

Realizing that I needed to stay focused on the task at hand, I reversed directions and then washed another round of dishes. The next thing I know, I’m using the dry rag on dirty dishes.

At what point should I submit myself to phsyciatric evaluation?


1 thought on “Sanity check”

  1. Hi Caleb,

    I do hope you consider psychiatric evaluation especially when you spell the word wrong. I believe it all started when you reached for what exist, rather than for what we are not sure what actually does exist. Consider using a level when building your foundation. Take care my friend, :-)

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