Which is the “wrong side” of a hammock?

If I could pick one day each year to go back to bed and start over again, it would be today. And it’s not even 9 am yet.

It is my personal opinion that whenever a blog has gone stale for a while, it is a good idea to bring it back with a bang. So here it is. I am writting to yell at my blog because I’m tired of hearing myself yell at myself and there is nobody else handy to yell at.

Six am was well before my alarm this morning, but I felt (first mistake) well enough rested to get up and tackle some busy work in hopes of having a fun project to work on later in the day.

<power button>

<click, bang, stcratch (repeat)>

The sounds of a dying hard drive are always a nice morning greeting.

<sarcasm alert>

I decided it would be prudent to make an imidiate backup of everything on the disk, most of which was well enough backed up anyway, but there were a few sets of pictures from recent trips that had not been sorted and put in my svn repository yet.

<insert really bad mistake where I delete piles of files>

Grrrr. So I decided that this was the wrong way to get the morning started and that I should go chill out and come back and start over. I decided to go for a quick hike on a favorite trail a mile or so out of town. There is where I add insult to injury. I got a speeding ticket for 10-19 over just at the edge of town. My first citation ever. Fully deserved. 4 points.


Oh how I wish life had a rewind button! On the bright side, I have not yet smashed my finger in a door.


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