I was reading in Psalm 62 today and amid the usually stuff I expect to find in there, I ran across this line which really hit me. My salvation and my honor depends on my God. This has been a difficult concept for me to apply to my life.

It is relativly easy for me to depend on my God for salvation, but my honor is a different story. I like to keep tabs on it. The world tends to honor me for my accomplishments, my brains, my attitude, all the things that they can see. I try to live my life, making sure all is hunky-dory, and then throw God into the mix where I can do so without threatening my standing with the people around me.

I’ve got it so backwards! My honor should depend on God. My alligence and actions should depend on him alone, and whatever honor comes out of them is soley his responsibility to look after. It might not always be pretty from my narrow perspective, people don’t often respect me as much this way, but if past experience is any basis for future actions, I know that I can trust God to work it out for good in the end.


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