Redacted roads

It’s always a little disappointing to see backwards progress. In the last few months quite a number of ambitious mappers have gotten on board and have started to flesh out the roads of Izmir on Open Street Map. Unfortunately, it seems at least one major contributor from the past failed to convert their contributions to the new licencing and their efforts have been redacted from the map. The following ways have recently been removed from the OSM database entirely.

Redacted ways

This is an unfortunate loss of a large number of contributions. Without them, the stats now have me as the largest contributor of ways in the Izmir area. Considering I only contribute as a sporadic hobby when I’m bored (never) or frustrated with normal pursuits (more often), that’s not a very promising statistic.

Contributors to the Izmir map

If you enjoy (or want to learn) about cartography, feel free to sign up and contribute to the Izmir map!


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